iOS 17 is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for the iPhone, which brings new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. iOS 17 was announced on June 5, 2023, at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and released publicly on September 18, 2023. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about iOS 17, including its release date, beta, download information, new features, wallpapers, and update phone list.

Release Date

iOS 17 was released to the public on September 18, 2023, after several months of beta testing. The public release coincided with the launch of the new iPhone 15 series, which are the first devices to come with iOS 17 pre-installed. Users can update their compatible devices to iOS 17 by going to Settings > General > Software Update and following the instructions.


Before the public release, iOS 17 went through several beta versions that were available for developers and public testers. The first developer beta was released on June 7, 2023, right after the WWDC keynote. The first public beta was released on June 28, 2023. The final beta versions were released on September 14, 2023.

Users who wanted to try out the beta versions of iOS 17 had to enroll in Apple’s Beta Software Program, which allows them to download and install pre-release software on their devices. However, beta software is not stable and may contain bugs and errors, so users are advised to back up their data and use caution before installing it.

Download Information

Users who want to download and install iOS 17 on their devices need to have at least 5 GB of free storage space and a Wi-Fi connection. They also need to make sure that their devices are compatible with iOS 17. The list of compatible devices is given below.

To download and install iOS 17, users can follow these steps:

• Go to Settings > General > Software Update and check if iOS 17 is available for your device.

• Tap Download and Install and agree to the terms and conditions.

• Wait for the download to complete and then tap Install Now.

• Enter your passcode if prompted and then wait for the installation to finish.

• Your device will restart and then you can enjoy iOS 17.

Alternatively, users can also download and install iOS 17 using iTunes or Finder on their computer. They can follow these steps:

• Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable and open iTunes or Finder.

• Select your device from the sidebar and click Check for Update.

• Click Download and Update and agree to the terms and conditions.

• Wait for the download and installation to complete and then disconnect your device.

• Your device will restart and then you can enjoy iOS 17.

New Features

iOS 17 brings a lot of new features and improvements to the iPhone, which make it more personal and intuitive. Some of the major new features are:


The Phone app gets a major upgrade with new features that make the calls that matter stand out even more. Some of these features are:

Contact Posters: Users can customize how they appear when they call known contacts by using photos, Memoji, or eye-catching typography and font colors. Contact Posters also work with third-party calling apps like WhatsApp or Skype.

Live Voicemail: Users can send a call to voicemail and see a live transcript of the message as it is being recorded. They can also pick up the call while the caller is leaving a message. Live Voicemail works on-device and is private.

Silence Unknown Callers: Users can enable this feature to automatically send unknown numbers to Live Voicemail or decline calls identified as spam by carriers.


FaceTime gets more expressive and connected with new features that make video calls more fun and immersive. Some of these features are:

Video Messages: Users can leave a video or audio message when someone they call is not available. The message can be played later or replied to with another message.

Reactions: Users can add reactions like hearts, balloons, fireworks, or laser beams that fill the camera frame with fun augmented reality effects. Reactions can be activated by simple gestures like waving or clapping. Reactions also work with supported third-party video conferencing apps like Zoom or Webex.

Apple TV: Users can use their iPhone as a camera and start a FaceTime call directly from the FaceTime app on Apple TV or hand off the call from their iPhone to their TV. They can also use Center Stage to stay perfectly framed even as they move around the room.


Messages adds new features that make it easier to use and more fun when connecting with friends and family. Some of these features are:

Search Filters: Users can find the message they are looking for faster by combining search filters to quickly narrow their search. They can filter by date, sender, attachment type, and more.

Audio Messages: Audio messages are now transcribed, so users can read them in the moment or listen later. They can also swipe to reply to any audio message.

Catch-up and Swipe to Reply: Users can jump to the first message they haven’t seen in a conversation with a new catch-up arrow. They can also swipe to the right on any message to send a quick reply.

Expandable Menu: Users can access all their iMessage apps from a new plus button that gives Messages a sleeker look. They can also share their location or request a friend’s location from the menu.


StandBy is a new feature that turns the iPhone into a useful device when it is charging. Users can turn their iPhone on its side while charging to see a full-screen experience that shows the time, date, battery level, and notifications. They can also use Siri or tap on the screen to access various features and information, such as:

Live Activities: Users can stay on top of things happening in real time, like the score of a game or the progress of their food delivery.

Siri Results: Users can ask Siri anything and see rich visual results that can be viewed from a distance. They can check the weather, set a timer, play music, and more.

Interactive Widgets: Users can take action with just a tap on widgets that show useful information and shortcuts, such as calendar events, reminders, news headlines, and more.


AirDrop gets easier and more convenient with new features that make sharing content with nearby devices a breeze. Some of these features are:

NameDrop: Users can share contact information with someone by simply bringing two iPhone devices together. The same gesture can also be used to share other content like photos, videos, or documents.

Action Button: Users can customize the Action button on the right side of their device to perform different functions related to AirDrop, such as launching apps, taking screenshots, activating Siri, or accessing accessibility features.


Input gets more intelligent and accurate with new features that improve the speed and accuracy of typing. Some of these features are:

Smart Keyboard: The keyboard now adapts to the user’s typing style and preferences by learning from their usage and feedback. The keyboard also suggests words and phrases based on the context and content of the message.

Smart Punctuation: The keyboard now automatically inserts punctuation marks like commas, periods, question marks, and exclamation points based on the tone and intent of the message.

Smart Capitalization: The keyboard now automatically capitalizes proper nouns, acronyms, and titles based on the context and content of the message.


iOS 17 comes with new wallpapers that showcase beautiful landscapes, abstract patterns, and colorful gradients. Users can choose from 12 new wallpapers that change dynamically based on the time of day or the device’s mode. Users can also create their own wallpapers by using photos or Live Photos from their library.

Update Phone List

iOS 17 is compatible with the following iPhone models:

• iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

• iPhone XR and above

• iPhone 15 series

Users who have older iPhone models will not be able to update to iOS 17 and will have to stick with iOS 16 or earlier versions.

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