United Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the United States, faced a major disruption on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, when it had to halt all its flights across the country due to a “systemwide technology issue”. The issue affected the airline’s operations for more than an hour, causing delays and cancellations for thousands of passengers. However, the airline managed to resolve the issue and lift the ground stop by around 1:50 p.m. Central Time. Here is what happened, why it happened, and how it affected the airline and its customers.

What happened?

According to various sources, the issue occurred around 12:40 p.m. Central Time, when United Airlines announced on Twitter that it was “experiencing a systemwide technology issue and are holding all aircraft at their departure airport”. The airline also said that planes that were already airborne “are continuing to their destination as planned”. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed that United had requested a nationwide ground stop for all its flights.

The ground stop lasted for about an hour, during which no United flights were allowed to take off from any airport in the U.S. The airline did not disclose the exact cause or nature of the technology glitch, but some reports suggested that it was related to a problem with its reservation system. The issue also affected United’s website and mobile app, which showed error messages or inaccurate information for some users.

Around 1:50 p.m. Central Time, United tweeted that the ground stop was lifted and that flights had resumed. The airline also apologized for the inconvenience and thanked its customers for their patience. The FAA also confirmed that the ground stop had ended and that normal operations had resumed.

Why did it happen?

The exact reason for the technology issue is still unknown, but some experts have speculated that it could be due to a software bug, a hardware failure, a network outage, or a cyberattack. However, United has not confirmed or denied any of these possibilities.

Technology issues are not uncommon for airlines, as they rely on complex and interconnected systems to manage their operations. However, they can have serious consequences for both the airlines and their customers, as they can disrupt flight schedules, affect customer service, and damage reputation and trust.

United Airlines has faced several technology issues in the past, such as in 2015, when it had to ground all its flights worldwide due to a computer problem, or in 2017, when it had to cancel hundreds of flights due to a system outage. In both cases, the airline blamed the issues on technical glitches and not on malicious attacks.

How did it affect the airline and its customers?

The technology issue affected thousands of passengers who were traveling with United Airlines on Tuesday. According to FlightAware, a flight tracking website, more than 200 United flights were delayed and more than 20 were canceled as of 2 p.m. Central Time. Some passengers reported long lines and waits at airports, while others expressed frustration and anger on social media.

The issue also affected United’s revenue and reputation, as it lost potential sales and customer loyalty. According to some estimates, the airline could lose up to $10 million in revenue due to the ground stop. Moreover, the issue could damage the airline’s image and trustworthiness among customers and investors.

However, the issue could have been worse if it had lasted longer or affected more flights. The airline was able to resolve the issue relatively quickly and resume normal operations. The airline also communicated with its customers and apologized for the inconvenience. The airline also offered compensation or rebooking options for some affected passengers.


United Airlines faced a major disruption on Tuesday when it had to halt all its flights across the U.S. due to a “systemwide technology issue”. The issue lasted for about an hour and caused delays and cancellations for thousands of passengers. The airline did not reveal the cause of the issue, but said it had fixed it and lifted the ground stop. The issue affected the airline’s revenue and reputation, as well as its customers’ satisfaction and experience. However, the airline was able to recover from the issue relatively quickly and resume normal operations

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